Robert Lee Madison

Robert Lee Madison was born in Staunton, Virginia, the son of Robert Lewis and Helen Banister Madison. Instead of following his family's footsteps of becoming a doctor, Madison found home in Western Carolina in pursuit of being a teacher and educating the community of Cullowhee. With an idea of higher education in the rural communities and gravitated his motivation in education and to provide Western North Carolina with educated teachers to further educate the community and bring prosperity. He was sought out by the community to come to Cullowhee as a teacher, who had gathered and rallied about the need for better education for their town. Soon, Madison had changed the community and the education in the small, nestled town. With what started in a single classroom building in 1889 and 18 students, by the end of the year, over one hundred students had registered. Following the increase in students, the school began to grow and the need for facilities to accommodate everyone caused a loco motion of events that created the University it is today.

The Noble Nine

The Noble Nine consists of nine individuals who shared the same ideals and dream for the future of education within the mountains of Cullowhee and Western Carolina.

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